Where to get a prescription from?

Optical Store / Partner Network(s)

Vision Direct Club Partner Network for Eye Examinations

You may choose to visit the optical store most convenient to you and book a contact lens fitting eye examination with an Optometrist.

When you’ve completed your contact lens fitting examination, you should be given your prescription. If you don’t get it, remember to ask.

Otherwise, we’ve prepared this form for your optometrist to fill out. Simply print and take it with you to your preferred optical store. 

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Eye Clinic

Vision Direct Club Eye Clinic Partnerships

We understand you may prefer to visit an eye clinic for your eye health needs and have partnered with a number of eye clinics.

You may schedule and book an appointment by clicking the button below. Visit any of our partner eye clinics to complete your eye check and obtain your prescription.

Our partner clinics will be able to assist you with your prescription needs.

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Can't get your prescription?

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