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Our Story

What is Vision Direct Club? 

The vision care industry is a massive market with revenues of over $100 billion. Yet it is still very much an old-world industry with little innovation and transparency. We are forced to choose between markups and high prices, or low prices and high volume. This is frustrating to customers who are not aware of how retailers overprice eyewear. 

After our stint of high-volume optical sales, management experience along with our entrepreneurial spirit, a group of optical professionals founded Vision Direct Club. Setting out to radically transform the vision care industry. To look past high margins and to focus on our customers. To challenge the status quo and to put people first. To imagine something different, better, more convenient for all. 

So, why do eye care with us? 

We seek eco-friendly alternative packaging so we can do our part to reduce environmental waste. We are mindful that earth's resources are limited and ecosystems are sensitive to changes. We aspire to use recyclable materials wherever we can to reduce our ecological footprint. 

We provide optical coverages that replaces the eyewear should any damage occurs, within a year. This means that our customers can easily afford a new pair of glasses, without being frustrated by high prices. We are on a mission to remodel the vision industry from high mark ups, instead to allow transparency and pass on the savings to the customers.

Our products and services ensure that people can see clearly, which empowers them to make the world a better place. Vision Direct Club pledges 1% of our profit to Vision Save. Every purchase you make at our store fuels our purpose. By choosing Vision Direct Club you play a part to save, restore and protect vision. 

We got your eyewear covered.


Singapore's First Eyewear Insurance Protection Plan

Breaking your eyewear is an expensive experience. More often than not, this results in customers compromising their vision as they opt for cheaper and poorer quality eyewear alternatives for fear an expensive accident may occur again. 

Now with Vision Direct Club's eyewear insurance coverage, customers can shop with ease. Their eyewear is covered for the first year and can be replaced multiple times should an accidental breakage occur. 

This insurance plan was thoughtfully created by Vision Direct Club with customers in mind, to provide a peace of mind and assurance.
In partnership with Chubb, Vision Direct Club introduces the Asia's First Eyewear Protection Plan. 

So very thankful and grateful for the world we live in.

Our Pledge: 1% to save sight

Putting people and sight over profit

Vision Direct Club pledges 1% of our profit to Vision Save. We hope to play a part to save, restore and protect vision of Singaporeans.

Vision Save is a joint initiative by SNEC and SERI in 2011. It's ultimate goal is to save sight and transform the lives of patients, through the development of cost-effective, innovative eye care treatments and preventative strategies. 

A Greener Vision: Keeping our planet healthy 

When you order a pair of glasses from us, you will be greeted with a box made from sugar cane, your glasses (of course!) and a little bag of seeds that come with a planting guide.

With the seeds, packaging and soil (which you would have to get), you can grow your greens in your very own home! We hope that this initiative will bring greenery closer to you as you begin or continue (for some of us) our green journey. (Packaging image or planting image?)

Our Team

More to be thankful for, our team that obsesses about our customers, in search of ways to simplify eye care processes to bring vision directly to you. 
We serve amazing customers around the world and we have an amazing team to thank. Here's a peek on our different teams that makes us whole. 

Growth Partnerships



UX/UI Designers

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