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Eye Screening at Home

We take the clinic to you so you can take the hassle out of going to a physical store for your eye check. You also get more than a basic eye check. We screen your eye health and you will receive a detailed report. Book an appointment below with our certified optometrists at your convenience.

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How to get started

Embark on the journey to freedom and control of your time with three easy steps.

Book an Appointment
Step 1
Book an Appointment

Book an appointment suitable for you by selecting your preferred date, location, time.

Eye Screening
Step 2
Eye Screening

Our optometrist will visit you at your preferred location to perform the eye screening, and explain your results. You will receive a copy of your report in your account so you can access your report any time.

Start Shopping
Step 3
Start Shopping

With your report in your account, you can now shop at ease, all in the comfort of your home.

What You Need To Know

You're one click away from quality and transparent eye examination.
Our mobile optometrist service provides an extensive eye health report which will be stored in your account.
You may access your account anytime to view the report and shop for your vision needs.

Eye Screening Examinations

1 hour for 1 person

1Standard Examinations

These are the eye screening examinations conducted on the day of visit. The examinations combined will take approximately 1 hour.

You will receive a complete eye health report in your account which you may access at all times to make purchases or if referred, bring to an eye doctor for review.

1. Lifestyle and Vision Environment Assessment

Understanding your optical history and vision in your natural environment .

2. Eye Refraction (For Eyeglasses)

A series of tests designed to identify issues with day-to-day vision.

3. Corneal Health Evaluation (For Contact Lenses)

Examination of the cornea to assess for sensitivities, curvature and oxygen permeability.

4. Retina Photography

A digital picture of the back of the eye to detect presence of possible eye diseases.

2Eye Conditions

Conditions we test for are:

1. Myopia (From age 5 and above)

2. Presbyopia

3. Hyperopia

4. Astigmatism

5. Cataracts

6. Glaucoma

7. Dry Eyes

8. Macular Degeneration

9. Diabetic Retinopathy

10. Other Eye Conditions (Sports and Floaters, Sunburnt Eyes)

Standard Home-Based Eye Examination for 1 pax (30 mins) $50 / person
Eye Refraction (For Eyeglassess)
Contact Lens Fitting & Aftercare
Prescription History in User Account
Comprehensive Home-Based Eye Screening for 1 pax (60 mins) $75 / person (U.P $120)
Eye Refraction & Contact Lens Fitting & Aftercare $50
Corneal Health Examination
Retinal Screening (Recommended for ages 40 and above)
Glaucoma Screening (Recommended for ages 40 and above)
+ $25
AI Powered Eye Health Report Included
Eye Health Report & Prescription History in User Account Included
Invite your friends and family onboard at the same location Cost
2 Pax - Standard Home-Based Eye Examination/ Comprehensive Home-Based Eye Screening $90 / $135
3 Pax - Standard Home-Based Eye Examination/ Comprehensive Home-Based Eye Screening $127 / $190
4 Pax - Standard Home-Based Eye Examination/ Comprehensive Home-Based Eye Screening $160 / $240
Our mobile optometrist service is available from Monday to Saturdays.
To ensure quality service for each patient while keeping in mind our ecological footprint to our environment, we have in place a schedule of allocated zones we visit each day. You may book your appointment according to the days of our zones.
  • Monday
    Central & West
  • Tuesday
    West & North
  • Wednesday
    North & North-East
  • Thursday
    Central & North-East
  • Friday
    Central & East
  • Saturday
    Central & East

An eye health screening that details your vision.

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Eye Screening Report
In Your Account
Every patient who has a full eye test at Vision Direct Club receives their own personalised report in the account. This detailed report includes the results of your sight test and eye health check.
Use Saved prescription
to shop all your eye needs
With your saved prsecription, you can now shop at ease, all in the comfort of your home.
Have a question
about your eyes?
Chat with us or arrange a video call with our optometrist.
Corporate Eye Screening
At Vision Direct Club, it's easy to meet the eye care needs of your employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and more! We conduct the similar tests to what you may have experienced at a retail Optometrist. It is part of our procedure to examine your retinal health, retail optometrists do not generally check retinal health.
Lighting plays a big role during your eye check process.
In-home and workplace eye examinations allows for our optometrists and eye care consultants to better understand your vision in your natural light environment
allowing for more accurate prescription.
It is mandatory for our optometrists to be in a uniform with Vision Direct Club's logo. They will also present their company identity badge when introducing themselves. Futhermore, your optometrist will be in touch with you before your appointment.
If your friends or family members wish to have an eye check in the same location, there will be an additional fee per person, subjected to Optometrist's availability and current bookings. We suggest booking ahead to avoid disappointment. We've got screening packages for pax of 2, 3 or 4.