My contact lens prescription has a brand?

My contact lens prescription has a brand?

Contact lens prescriptions are different from the ordinary medical prescriptions you may have seen before. Usually your doctor would prescribe the generic version of a medication, then the clinic will dispense the brand name or generic version depending on what they carry.

Not all brands are the same

You might be wondering, “Aren’t all contacts the same? Why can’t I just get any brand of contacts I want?” Aside from getting a contact that fits your eye perfectly, different lens materials may be more comfortable and effective for your specific vision needs.

When your eye doctor fits you for contacts, they’re primarily are looking at two measurements: diameter and base curve. The diameter (DIA) of a contact is the width of the lens and needs to match your eyes in order to fit comfortably. The base curve (BC) is the depth of the lens’ curve. If there isn’t a perfect match to your eye, then the lens may not adhere correctly and cause discomfort.

Both measurements are important and can really affect how comfortable a contact feels. Different brands are made with different base curves and diameters, which is why your eye care provider selects one for you during an exam.  

How we can help

Contact lens prescriptions can get pretty complicated. We're here to help! You can upload your prescription with your order to let us take care of the complicated part. Or if you’re not sure how to get started or do not have a prescription yet, you can always chat with us using our chatbot messenger to find out what you might exactly need. 



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