Can I wear my contacts longer than recommended?

Can I wear my contacts longer than recommended?

Wearing your contacts longer than recommended may also be known as “stretching your contacts.” It can be easy to brush aside the necessity to change them, but it’s important to switch them out, and here’s why:

I know you won’t like to hear this but:

Stretching your contacts leads to protein, allergen, and microorganism buildup on your contacts. This is gross and unhealthy. They can cause a burning sensation on your eyes, potentially causing pain, redness, or irritation. You could still be taking care of your contacts properly – cleaning your contacts every day and using a clean case; discarding used solution and using fresh new solution each day you can help prevent this, but the buildup will happen eventually if you’re stretching your lenses.

Your eyes needs to breathe

Your pretty eyes need oxygen and as a daily contact wearer, the amount of oxygen that gets to your eye is limited. Your corneas (the clear part of your eye) don’t have blood vessels to supply them with oxygen, so it’s up to you to make sure they get it.

To keep your eyes nice and oxygenated
1) Change your old lenses out for fresh ones as needed and
2) Take your contacts out before bed.

You’re increasing your risk of an eye infection

Although we’d like to believe contact lenses are made from an invincible material, they are basically just plastic, and are made for limited wear. Wearing them longer than prescribed can increase your risk of dry, irritated eyes which can lead to an eye infection.

Keep your eyes healthy by using a fresh pair of contacts as recommended by your doctor and place an order for your next round of contacts here!



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